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Mario Coloring Pages

You can find here 58 free printable coloring pages of Mario and his friends for boys, girls and adults. Mario is one of the most famous characters in the video game industry and an established pop culture icon. Mario is depicted as a portly plumber who lives in the fictional land of the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi, his younger, taller brother. He wears a long-sleeved red shirt, a pair of blue overalls with yellow buttons, brown shoes, white gloves and a red cap with a red “M” printed on a white circle. Mario usually saves Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom and purges antagonists, such as Bowser.

Just click on any image to see a larger version. Click on the download icon to save the coloring sheet to your computer or click on the print icon to print it. Please adjust image scale settings to your preferred size before printing.

Categories of Super Mario coloring sheets:

Baby Mario coloring pages
Bowser Mario coloring pages
Mario And His Friends Picnic coloring pages
Mario and Yoshi coloring pages
Mario And Koopa coloring pages
Mario And Luigi coloring pages
Mario And Peach coloring pages
Mario Characters coloring pages
Mario Christmas coloring pages
Mario Halloween coloring pages
Mario Kart coloring pages
Mario Koopa Troopa coloring pages
Mario Motorcycle coloring pages
Mario Mushroom coloring pages
Mario Party coloring pages
Mario Tennis coloring pages
Mario Zombie coloring pages
Paper Mario coloring pages
Pixel Mario coloring pages
Princess Daisy coloring pages
Sonic And Mario coloring pages
Super Mario 3D World coloring pages
Super Mario Bros coloring pages
Super Mario Odyssey coloring pages
Super Mario coloring pages
Toad Mario coloring pages
Princess Peach Anime coloring pages
Princess Peach coloring pages
Mario Cat coloring pages 

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